Clever Artist Opts for Minimalism

Clever Artist Opts for Minimalism

My name is Ribbon Billingsly and I study the craft, of course.

I am sure you are humbled to be reading my words. I am ELECTRIC. I am ART.

This is the story of the time I found myself in a peculiar situation just hours before the grand reveal of my newest work of art which was promised to be nothing short of absolute and PURE GENIUS. The peculiarity of the situation resided with the fact that I had nothing reveal. I had forgotten it was the big day and hadn’t prepared anything in the slightest. Though rest assured, I was confident.

I suppose my poor planning led me to delve into the realm of minimalism for the first time in my career. Yes, oh yes, I was a clever little saucebox. It took me just an hour to compile a massive 20X20 blank white canvas and an old Sharpie marker or two from my study. How simple it would be to disguise my lack of effort as art. Oh, how I would be rewarded.

So, I quickly drew a long thin black rectangle and was over with it, it was quite exhausting really, an artist isn’t made for such stress.

Clever Artist Opts for Minimalism
Art, supposedly.

That rectangle became everything for an hour after its reveal. It was a commentary on art, of course. It was an in-detail account of economic disparity from cost to cost. It was meaningless was what it was but, to the hacks that wanted to see it and liked the way it was presented to them, it was everything for an hour. Everything for an hour and then forgotten once the next morning rolled around.

It made me a ton of money and got me laid so, who am I to argue much with the system, huh?

-A Well-Mannered Scholar

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