Laban Movement Analysis of Source Four Par Comes Back... Negative

Laban Movement Analysis of Source Four Par Comes Back… Negative

The source four par sat in the storage closet of the small liberal arts college’s black box theatre. All was calm. Everything was right. What’s that? A light patterned tapping grew louder. Louder and closer, it was the soft sound of approaching footsteps. Tap, pat, pat, tap, boom, pat, bam, tap, there were many footsteps, many people approaching, a class.

Yes, it seems it was the first day of the new semester in Mr. Alverez’s Intro to Stagecraft class. Today was the biannual ‘showing off the stuff day’. An exciting day for students as they were now privy to the secrets known only to those who practice stagecraft and lighting lore. While a great day for the students, *couch* most of whom are wannabe actors with no talent and even less self-discipline, today is the day the lowly source four par collecting dust in the corner dreads the most.

The sound of footsteps and cackling grew louder, then a lull, the group was at the door. All of a sudden a crisp, whiter than white light shown through the crack in the door and more than a dozen pre and post-pubescent heads stuck into the closet.

“Let’s look at the movement of this short and stubby light through laban movement analysis,” said Rachel McPleasewegetityouwantacareerinthearts with a shrill high pitched squeak.

The non-sentient source four par sat motionlessly.

“This is boring! Look at how I’m curating my Instagram for post-college success! Aren’t I hot in all my pictures! I’m sure everyone will want to fuck me! HAHAHA!” Said McPleasewegetityouwantacareerinthearts

The door shut. A moment passes. 6 more months of peace for the source four par. Just then a voice, “I think I’m going to go with a simpler lighting design for the black box productions this semester,” said the department head. “Fuck!” the source four thought, this means I have to fulfill my purpose…

-A Well-Mannered Scholar

Laban Movement Analysis of Source Four Par Comes Back... Negative

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-A Well-Mannered Scholar

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