Michel Foucault Can't Stop Watching Reruns of The Bachelor

Michel Foucault Can’t Stop Watching Reruns of The Bachelor

Sure, Michel Foucault is dead, but, so is god and we don’t even know we exist so… THIS IS REAL NEWS.

Breaking! Michel Foucault finally caved folks, he got Amazon Prime. Who would of thunk the dead for decades philosopher would succumb to such societal pressures. “It’s not like I traded in my freedom for nothing, I got free shipping and ya know, they have seasons 13-22 of ABC’s The Bachelor! Freedom is a small price to pay really,” said Foucault, who clearly had a major shift in philosophy postmortem.

When we asked what Foucault enjoyed so much about The Bachelor he gave the following response, “Look, I know it’s carefully curated and I know they know I’m watching and therefore, create a story for viewers like me but I just can’t take my eyes away from mind-numbing fraudulent love storied.”

All quotes were translated from our French interpreter for the deceased, Craiiiiig. Thanks, Craiiiiig.

-A Well-Mannered Scholar

Michel Foucault Can't Stop Watching Reruns of The Bachelor
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