Recently Engaged Tuning Forks Just Not on the Same Wavelength Lately


It all began one Friday afternoon when things just seemed “off” between our two tuning fork lovers.

The weekend had just begun and our two lovers had to run a few errands before a party they were hosting that evening. When the taller tuning fork turned to the shorter funding fork and broke the ice. “I feel like we’re not on the same wavelength lately.” Quick to respond was the shorter of the two tuning forks. “Well, maybe if we talked about our feelings with any frequency, we wouldn’t have this problem!”


A brief silence followed by a defining ringing erupted.


“Well, I’m not a just sounding board for all your problems!”

“You know I’m not the only one who makes a racket around here!”

“Well, sorry I’m not vibrating the way you’d like me to at all hours of the day!”

“Maybe vibration wouldn’t be an issue if I could hear you a little clearer through bone conduction!”

“Well, I did not know my faults were do ray me fa soooooooooo annoying!”

“La la la la la, can’t hear you!”


A slightly longer silence.


They both spoke at the same time. Only when they both spoke, they loved the sound of the other’s voice. The sound was beautiful. The sound was harmony.

By: Joe McNaney
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