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Well-Mannered Writers

Joe McNaney, Founder

Joe is a Chicago based writer and comedian who is pretty sure the internet will replace our legs by 2084. To find out more about Joe, click here. To find out more about anything else, click here.


Jesse Arnholz, Head Writer

Jesse Arnholz is a queer, NYC- based comedian, writer, and self-described artist, with what one doctor referred to as the uterus of someone three times her age! She’s out here slinging the neurotic, queer, jewess comedy that you didn’t know you needed.

Instagram: @ashkenazi_fabulous

Twitter: @ashkenazifab


Sydney Watt, Senior Writer

Sydney is a Chicago-based actor and writer. She’s an INTJ (but an Extrovert Moon, and a Feeler Rising) who really can’t stand people who say, “But the Myers Briggs test is just like… astrology for millennials.” Like, NO IT’S NOT. So you can throw out your trash hot take, Dalton. Last time I take your opinion seriously, ha. Anyway, that was such an ESTP thing of you to say. This conversation is done.

Website: Click Here


David Triplett, Senior Writer

David is a chaotic neutral, Leo rising, Aquarius moon, Sagittarius, born in the year of the dog… but lets be clear he does not play Dungeons and Dragons. A self proclaimed Tinder Veteran, and part time conspiracy realist, David or as some call him “Dave” is a seeker of truth, justice and a strong successful woman to fund his Taco Bell habit. A quote from Dave, “Being a stay at home dad, as a cis gendered man, now that’s equality


Matt Beaune, Contributing Writer

Matt is a comedian and arts administrator currently located in Allentown, PA, but soon moving to, uh, somewhere else. Pet peeves include slow walkers, anything to do with the Yankees, and when you order a cheeseburger but they put the cheese on after it’s already in the bun, giving it no time to melt.

Twitter: @themattbeaune


Avery Brooks, Contributing Writer

‘Ol Avery Brooks is a fascinating young man. He was born and raised in a small farm town located in South central Illinois called Effingham. Up until 3rd grade he was merely a home-schooled boy. It wasn’t until he made the switch to public school that he found he had a real knack for making jokes, zingers, goofs, and ha-ha’s. Making people chuckle and cough-on-their-own-spit-from-laughter was only a hobby for little Avery. It wasn’t until around 6th grade that he began to look up at the stars and wonder…is there more to life? It was only a year later that young Avery repented and gave his life over to atheism. By the summer of 2017 he officially moved to the big city of Chicago to begin his spiritual journey into the deep bowls of comedy. The End.


Sean Cheney, Contributing Writer

Sean Cheney is grumpy about the Stamp Act of 1795. All else comes second to that. For reasons known only to him and his God, he majored in theatre. He has been doing comedy for years, never successfully. You can find Sean’s other work by putting a conch shell up to your ear and believing.


Tyler Deloatch, Contributing Writer

Tyler is an actor, singer, comedian who is grumpy about bad movie musicals, Cubs fans clogging public transit, and The Louisiana Purchase? Seriously. How did that help any of us?

Twitter: @TylerDeLoatch

Instagram: @whatdeloatch


Mary Fiala, Contributing Writer

My name is Mary Fiala. I’m from Minneapolis and am a soon-to-be graduate from Muhlenberg College. Things that make me grumpy include: undeserved standing ovations, clapping off rhythm, and when people actively choose to get those little white dogs that everyone has. Show some ORIGINALITY!

Website: Coming soon!

Writing and Videos: Click Here


Patrick Moore, Contributing Writer

Patrick Moore is an NYC based actor, sometimes writer, often fun to be around, and has never once been convicted of a crime. He is irked by things like: Bland food, losing in games, tactical blunders in fantasy battles, and being accused of crimes.


Sam Thompson, Contributing Writer

Sam lives in the woods.


Chris Torres, Contributing Writer

Chris Torres is a New Yorker who works in Operations for a Non-Profit Arts Organization. He loves film, and he gets grumpy with your opinions on them. Other than that, everything else really kind of falls back to his general but heated grumpiness at Late-Capitalism.


Coco Rich, Contributing Writer

Coco Rich is a writer and a functional drama queen who probably thinks you’d look good with bangs and absolutely wants to share her food with you. She writes about music of varying genres for Atwood Magazine and contributes to her very own Classical music column, Variations. She can get a little bossy, (you know, like in a boss-ass-bitch kind of way), but saves it for Boston’s marketing scene as she’s a part of the new business team at Connelly Partners. Read more of Coco’s words here.


Zoe Zuidema, Contributing Writer

Zoe Zuidema is the all-star MVP of the Chicago Bulls. When she’s not busy towering over people or showing off her immense wealth, she writes for the Well Mannered Grump, improvises around Chicago, and edits for various publications. Lately she’s been frustrated that her large basketball-palming hands interfere with new fine-motor-skilled hobbies, like cross-stitching and figurine building.

Learn more about Zoe, here.

Follow Zoe on Twitter @yourpalzoe

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