“This Can’t Last Forever,” Says Your Friendly Neighborhood Sisyphus

A Modern Day Sisyphus


“Nothing has solved the problem for months, therefore nothing will ever solve the problem. We should just go back to normal and count our blessings” said your friendly neighborhood Sisyphus.


It seems that in the eyes of your neighborhood Sisyphus, a cycle of a shutdown and premature reopening is preferable to elimination on the metaphorical boulder waiting to crush your neighborhood completely. This makes sense really if we didn’t have a boulder to push what would we do all day, be healthy, and socialize without crippling anxiety? 


Let’s take it a step further, why not ignore the boulder completely and let it kill the people unlucky enough to not have the money to build fortified houses sturdy enough to keep themselves safe. 


Also, whey not just full out purge? 


Everyone will be given a federal stimulus package with 20 stones and one slingshot. Shoot wisely.

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